Why make your own e-liquid and vape juice


If you are new to the (Do It Yourself) DIY eJuice making world and are looking to get started. Firstly let’s consider WHY? What are the reasons you would decide to make your own e-liquid? What are the motivating factors which drive people to manufacture their own e-liquid recipes?

Lets breakdown each incentive that’s fueling the growth in the DIY E-Liquid market?

E-Liquid is essential.

If you own an e-cigarette device, then e-liquid is essential! Similarly if you own a car or a computer, Cars need petrol and computers need software! To vape, the fundamental ingredient is E-Liquid!

Is Mixing your own E-Liquid cheaper?

You’ve made the switch to e-cigarettes and are regularly purchasing e-juice. If you have a small device with less power – then you are probably reveling in the cost saving compared with cigarettes.

However if you have graduated to higher power devices such as a box mods with clearomizer tank, RTA, RDA or RTDA that produce humongous vapour clouds then you know the costs soon escalate.

Purchasing a gourmet / premium e-liquid from a UK vendor typically costs around:

  • 10ml – £4.99
  • 30ml – £14.99
  • 60ml – £24.99
  • 120ml – £34.99

If you join the DIY E-Liquid movement then a 10ml bottle can be as cheap as £0.50 per bottle. Typically you could be saving £4.50 per day – if not more!

Circumventing EU TPD Regulations

The recent EU TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) regulation will come into effect in May 20th 2016 with a transition period until May 20th 2017. These laws place restrictions on:

  • E-Liquid Strength: Maximum Nicotine Strength is 2% / 20mg.
  • Bottle Sizes: Maximum volume 10ml (Pre-mixed Nicotine based e-liquid).
  • Tank Capacity: Maximum e-liquid tank capacity will be 2ml.

The issues here are:

  • Some vapers prefer higher nicotine strengths
  • Some vapers want larger bottle sizes
  • Some vapers already have larger tanks

All these regulations will inevitably move vapers into the DIY e-liquid arena. If you have a mod style device, then you want larger bottle sizes of 30ml + due to the batteries power output capabilities for large vapour clouds. These types of users are probably going through 20ml to 30ml per day. To purchase these from a vendor will likely cost from £9.99 up to £17.50 and be more expensive than cigarettes.

Similar to Prohibition in USA 1930’s

These vapers will naturally look for ways to reduce the cost and increase the volume of e-liquid. Thus creating a USA style prohibition environment where the laws do not have any correlation to the market’s needs/wants. The inability to assimilate the market will result in people making their own moonshine or e-liquid.

Is it illegal to buy Nicotine?

The key TPD regulation point is; it affects pre-filled e-liquid that contains nicotine. However it is 100% lawful to purchase nicotine and the other constituent ingredients separately, cook them up at home to your nicotine strength and your volume preferences.

Similarly, in the UK it is illegal for Pubs to serve quadruple Whiskeys, However it is legal for them to give you two doubles and you combine them into one glass.

Alternatives to Pharmaceutical grade Nicotine:

If Nicotine ever were to be banned, then another option is to buy synthetic nicotine which is not derived from tobacco leaves, Thus not classified as a Tobacco product.

E-Liquid Ingredients; what are your vaping?

When you purchase e-liquid from a vendor you are faithfully trusting their staff or supplier has added the correct measurements of flavouring, VG/PG mix ratio and nicotine strength. Mistakes do happen especially during mass production. When you start mixing your own e-juice you take control of the whole process. You make sure all measurements are accurate.

In addition, when purchased from a vendor, do you know what quality ingredients they have used? Where they have been sourced? Do they have any harmful toxins? Do you want to know what you’re inhaling? Let’s be sensible these ingredients are entering our bodies!

Through learning to make your own E-Liquid you will gain knowledge of all the constituent ingredients, you will know what product to buy and what not to buy and build up a list of reputable suppliers with superior quality ingredients.

DIY E-Liquid Mixing is a fun Hobby

Some people like the convenience of buying pre-made coil head replacements or pre assembled cartomizers. Others enjoy making their own coils from stainless steel, nickel or titanium wire.

The idea here is that DIY E-Liquid is a fun hobby and lots of people love making their own e-liquid. Once you grasp the basics and give it a go you have opened yourself up to a large community of like minded DIYers who openly share their e-liquid recipes for you to try. There are literally 100,000’s of e-liquid recipes online and hundred if not thousands added every day!

You never know – One day you could create a recipe that enters the hall of fame!

Lots of Flavour Concentrates!

If you want to make peanut butter and strawberry jelly cake sandwiches e-liquid or red currant flavoured hob knobs coated in chocolate e-liquid then you are probably off your rocker!!

HOWEVER with DIY eJuice you can!

WHY? There are literally thousands and thousands of flavour extract ingredients to choose from and always more being added. From cake bases, dough, tobacco, hundreds and thousands to tropical fruits. Guaranteed, there is a flavour concentrate for what you’re looking for!

A good analogy is an abstract artist purchasing a canvas, he/she can paint any picture they want! the only limitation is their tools, talent and imagination.

Lots of DIY E-Liquid Recipes!

Thankfully you’re not the first DIYer to hit the scene. The underground art of mixing e-liquid has been around a while. There is a whole treasure trove of recipes in the public domain to choose from. Covering a vast array of flavour categories, including new and unique recipes, fruits, puddings, bakers, breakfast and even cloned e-liquid recipes. Thats right, the master mixologists have been cloning vendors e-juice flavours. Most recipes have reviews – so finding a good one should be easy!

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