Clone Zone Monster Melons Flavour Shot


Here’s one for the melon lovers out there! Imagine those juicy slices of melon and cantaloupe mixed together with the butter-like consistency of papaya. A mouth watering combination and even a hit with non melon evangelists. Give it a try, you may get converted!

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Introducing the popular Monster Melons Flavour Shot (Recipe credits go to cuttwoodspy!) Available in 100ml, 500ml and 1000ml bottle sizes. Flavour Shots comprises of ONLY the flavour ingredients. Flavour Shots cannot be vaped upon purchase. The Base Mix which comprises of VG, PG and Nicotine must be added prior to vaping. The Monster Melons flavour shot is supplied filled at 15.0% of the bottle volume, the remaining 85.0% is awaiting the base mix.

Recipe Details

Steep Time

This one requires a good 14 days steep.

Additional information

Bottle Size

100ml, 500ml, 1000ml


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