Making an e Juice Recipe

You’ve used the E-Liquid Calculator to give you all the measurements or you’ve found an e-juice recipe online and want to get started. Let’s go through the cooking process.

Sample Recipes:

Here are a few sample recipes to get you familiar with the mixing process.

Banana, Strawberry & Vanilla Custard

Intended Nicotine Strength: 3mg

Mix Ratio VG/PG: 79VG / 21PG

Bottle Size: 30ml

Ingredients Volumes ml Percentages %
Nicotine 100mg (100% VG) 0.9ml 3%
VG Diluent 22.8ml 76%
Base Mix Totals 23.7ml 79%
Banana Cream 1.2ml 4%
Strawberry 1.2ml 4%
Sweet Strawberry 0.9ml 3%
Vanilla Custard 3ml 10%
TOTALS 30ml 100%

Prior to mixing any recipes – SAFETY FIRST!! We strongly advise you wear:

  • Apron
  • Goggles
  • Nitrile Gloves

For this recipe we would recommend the following mixing equipment:

  • 30ml Bottle
  • 1ml Syringe (For Nicotine)
  • 2ml Syringe (For flavour concentrates)
  • 30ml Syringe (For VG)

Lets cook the recipe!

Step1: Add base mix to 30ml bottle

  • ADD 0.9ml of Nicotine Base
  • ADD 22.8ml of VG

Step2: With the 2ml syringe, carefully measure and add the flavour concentrates:

  • 1.2ml Banana Cream
  • 1.2ml Strawberry
  • 0.9ml Sweet Strawberry
  • 3.0ml Vanilla Custard

Step3: Securely screw on the bottle cap and give the mixture a good shake. This will allow for the ingredients to combine.

That’s it! It’s really that easy!!! You’re ready to Vape!!

Steeping E-Liquid Guide

If you spent time making the e-liquid recipe and feel disappointed with the taste. You may wonder why it’s got rave reviews. It may require some steeping time.

What does steeping mean?

With complicated recipes there are a lot of flavour profiles to combine. Steeping is similar to vintage wine, sometimes the longer you leave it the better it tastes! When you leave an e-liquid recipe to mature the ingredients have time to combine and in some cases has a distinct improvement in the flavour. Always be sure to read reviews and authors notes to see what steeping times they recommend.

Can steeping be speeded up?

There are a number of steeping techniques which may speed up the steeping process.

Airing Cupboard

One of the easiest ways to dry clothes is in the airing cupboard due to the boilers heat. So why not do the same with your e-liquid. This is one of the easiest ways to steep your eJuice.

How water bath

Place your e-liquid bottle in a warm water bath and leave it to heat up. Do not use Hot water as nicotine degrades when it is too hot!

Magnetic Stirrer / Orbital Shaker

As previously mentioned in the equipment section. The use of a magnetic stirrer or a orbital shaker will significantly speed up steeping times and allowing ingredients to fuse and air bubbles to dissipate. This equipment is expensive, however when considering how much money you’ll be saving mixing your own eJuice, inevitably has a quick payback.. Food for thought!


Some people use a microwave for very short bursts (cap removed) – Literally a second at a time. Second and check, second and check, second and check! This method can quickly spoil the nicotine and ruin your hard work! Other microwave method are to use the microwave to heat up uncooked rice, then place e-juice bottle within the warm rice. Similar to the warm bath method.

Shake and Vape = Best Taste!

It’s true! Not every eJuice recipe requires steeping time. Some recipes taste better after a vigorous shake. So if your out of eJuice and want a quick vape recipe, be sure to choose a shake and vape recipe with no steeping time. Read the author’s comments and community reviews before cooking. Else you may be in for a long wait!

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