How To Clean A Wax Pen

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    Owning a vaporizing wax pen is a good thing, but the moment you take it out from its package and you put it to use, that’s where the hard part starts. The hard part is being motivated to clean your wax vaporizer pen regularly not in the cleaning of the vaporizer, that’s actually the easy part.

    However, if you want to optimise the performance of your wax pen and keep enjoying that smooth, pure wax vapor that you would want with each vaping session. You need to clean your vaporizing wax pen regularly or you could spend more money buying new parts like the coil or ultimately replacing it after only a short period of use. This is a mini-guide on how to clean a wax pen after every use, so that you can enjoy using it throughout its expected life cycle.

    The first thing you need to do on how to clean wax pen is…

    Prep Yourself!

    There are a few items you will need to get your vaporize wax pen cleaned. These items include;
    ●Isopropyl alcohol (99% pure ISO)
    ●Cotton buds.
    ●Hot water.
    ●Paper towels.

    Take Your Vaporizing Wax Pen Apart

    Alright, so now you have every item you need on how to clean wax pen. The next thing you need to do is to take your vaporizing wax pen apart. You should know that ISO is good for cleaning part made from ceramic, glass, quartz, titanium and stainless steel.

    So any part of your device that is made of stainless steel or titanium can be cleaned. The glass tube can also be cleaned with ISO and any part made from ceramic or quartz can equally be cleaned by Isopropyl alcohol. However, if you are not too convinced about using ISO on the parts of your wax pen, check out its user manual or visit the website of the manufacturer for more information.

    Use ISO

    Your vaporizing wax pen will usually come with a dab tool, before you use the ISO you can use this tool to scrape out accumulated residue from your device. A note of warning, be very careful when cleaning around the coil of your wax pen as the coil is very thin and fragile it can quite easily break off.

    Make use of the isopropyl soaked cotton buds to scrape off any residue that is left after using the dab tool. As you use the cotton buds avoid making contact with the coil. While this is a guide to a comprehensive cleaning of your wax pen, you can use this method as a quick cleaning routine after each use of your vaporizing wax pen.

    Clean the threading of your vaporizing wax pen very well so as to avoid a build up of residue on the threads that will make them stiff and extremely difficult to turn. Those parts of your wax pen that can be cleaned with ISO should be placed in the containers which you will fill with ISO.

    Your coils should also be soaked in ISO, let all the part soak for approximately 10 minutes, if you don’t have time. If you have a bit more time you can let them soak for an hour or overnight, so that the ISO will get to those areas on the wax pen parts that cotton buds cannot get to.

    Your coils will come out looking really clean after soaking. You will notice that the ISO will appear as a brownish-yellow color indicating that it has probably done its job in cleaning your device. Use cotton buds to clean any area that may be in need of cleaning. Once again avoid touching the coils of your vaporizing wax pen.

    Hot Water Rinsing And Air Drying

    Use hot water to rinse all the parts of your vaporizing wax pen. You can have a container of hot water and after soaking the parts in ISO transfer them into the container of hot water to get all the ISO off. After rinsing you need to put the parts of your wax pen on paper towels and leave them out to dry.

    Air drying is preferred as you will have less particles on them which could happen if you use paper towels. However, if you don’t have time to air dry, you can use dry paper towels to get the parts dry. Reassemble your vaporizing wax pen and its ready for use. One more thing, before you make use of the cleaned coil allow it to heat up for about 10 seconds so it can burn off anything that could still be left on it from the cleaning.

    Tips from vaper possibly_oblivious in Reddit:
    “I use an ultrasonic cleaner and use everclear in a zip lock bag, hot water(160f) in the cleaner and I run it for 180 seconds.

    First pass is with really saturated everclear I’ve used before, empty that back into bottle after first 180, clean coils in distilled water and into another Ziploc bag with clean fresh everclear for 60seconds then one last distilled water rinse and I let them dry and do a quick flash ( burn off) so the black residue turns white and it’s ready. I’m using the same 5 pack of coils from last year and they all still work.”

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