E-Liquid Calculator?

The VapourBus team viewed many e-Juice calculators on the market and found them to be badly presented and somewhat hard to use. We set out to create the worlds simplest DIY eLiquid Calculator that’s ideal for beginners and experts alike.

Here’s an introduction on how it works:

What Volume will you make?

Are you adapting a tried and tested e-juice recipe? Are you making an entirely new eJuice creation? How many ingredients do you have? These will all influence your choice of Volume.

However the famous saying is, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” or in this case “Great taste is in the taste buds of the beholder.” We recommend for any new recipe, be it adapting a tried and tested recipe or an entirely unique recipe. Just incase you hate it and waste ingredients. Cook up a small batch initially.

New recipes – Try a smaller batch volume:

  • 5ml
  • 10ml

Perfected recipes. Cook up a larger batch! Larger batch sizes:

  • 30ml
  • 60ml
  • 100ml
  • 250ml
  • 500ml

Base Mix Calculation:

The base mix comprises of three ingredients: Nicotine, PG and VG.

Step1: Add the overall VG/PG mix ratio which you desire:

  • Input your target VG/PG mix ratio

Step2: Add details of your purchased Nicotine base:


  • Input strength of your diluted nicotine base (e.g. 72mg)
  • Input your nicotine’s dilution ratio VG/PG (e.g. 50VG/50PG or 100VG)

Step3: Input your target nicotine strength:

  • Input your intended nicotine strength (e.g. 6mg)

Add flavour concentrates

Now you have the Base Mix and the overall volume covered, now the fun part!

Adding flavour concentrates with the VapourBus eJuice calculator is easy. All flavour concentrates listed on VapourBus are related to a tangible products. We intend to list each and every branded flavour concentrate product that’s available to purchase worldwide. Please note – if a flavour concentrate isn’t on our list, please notify us and we will add it.

Step1: Add flavour concentrate:

  • Choose the Concentrate BRAND

  • Choose the FLAVOUR

Note: The flavour concentrate is then added to the e Juice calculator

Step2: Which Diluent is used?

  • Is your flavour diluted with VG or PG

Note: This info will be clearly displayed on the bottle

Step3: The final task is to:

  • Input your intended percentage of flavour concentrate.

Note: To add another flavour concentrate, start the process again.

How much flavour concentrate to add?

This can be a stumbling block for beginner mixologists, whose tendency is to add far too much flavour concentrates. The saying, “less is more,” is advisable. With new recipes it’s best to use a maximum of 20% flavour concentrates and adjust from there.

Recipe Calculations

Your recipe calculations are automatically outputted and you are now ready to cook up your recipe.



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