E-Juice Flavour Shot?

What is an E-Juice flavour shot?

A flavour shot, also know as a “one shot” is a bottled e-liquid recipe with just the flavour ingredients. The base mix (nicotine, VG and PG) is excluded and added by the customer.

Depending on the recipe; a flavour shot comprises of 10% – 20% flavourings and the remaining 80% – 90% bottle volume is empty.
Customers simply add their base mix to their preference, give it a vigorous shake, let the ingredients steep for the allotted time and then it’s ready to vape.

They are generally sold in these bottle sizes:

  • 100ml
  • 500ml
  • 1000ml

Reasons for buying a Flavour Shot?

If you’re new to the idea of flavour shots, here are the reasons many people are buying them:

Flavour Shot Quality

Predominantly Flavour shots are tried and tested e-Juice recipes that are cloned from premium / gourmet vendor recipes. Flavour shots are dirt cheap in comparison to buying the original vendor’s pre-mixed e-liquid. Plus, thanks to the master mixologists who have backward engineered the recipes, the reviews show they actually taste as good if not better.

Flavour Shot Volume & Prices

When buying a flavour shot, you have the potential to make substantial batches of e-liquid. As mentioned they’re purely the flavour ingredients available in 100ml, 500ml and 1000ml bottles. So once purchased and base mix added you’ve got a colossal amount of vape time.

Let say you buy a 1000ml Flavour Shot for £24.99 (Average price). Compared with TPD compliant vendor juice, that’s 100 x 10ml bottles. You’re gonna want to make sure you like the flavour before making 100 bottles 🙂 Pricing it up, the flavour ingredient per 10ml bottle works out at JUST £0.25p.

Adding Vegetable Glycerine is cheap and a small dosage of nicotine won’t break the bank. As a vaper you are getting a fabulous deal in comparison to purchasing from a vendor.

How to Mix up a E-Liquid Flavour Shot?

OK, so you’ve purchased a Flavour Shot, it’s arrived in the post.

Now you’re scratching your head thinking WTF do i do with this 🙂 Don’t worry help is at hand!

Firstly we must start with a WARNING: –

“An e-liquid flavour Shot CANNOT be vaped from purchase. The flavour ingredients require diluting down with the base mix prior to vaping.”

To illustrate the simplicity, here are the steps required to make the perfect flavour shot:

Let’s look at step one – the measurements for the base mix.

Base mix calculations

Firstly thing to do,

Take a note of the recipes total flavour percentage (Usually between 10% – 20%)

Open up the VapourBus E-Juice Calculator and: –

  1. Input the bottle Volume
  2. Input your desired PG / VG ratio
  3. Input your desired nicotine strength
  4. Input your nicotine’s base dilution details
  5. Choose any flavour and Input the total recipe percentage

Voila! Now you have all the necessary measurements to knock up the base mix.

Making the base mix

Making the base mix is easy!

You’ve got the measurements. All you need is a few syringes and some accurate measurements and of course the necessary safety precautions if you are dealing with nicotine.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Add the VG measurement
  • Add the PG measurement
  • Add the nicotine measurement

All added to the Flavour Shot bottle. Just a few more steps to go..

Shake, Steep & Ready to Vape

Once all the ingredients are added, pull your sleeves up and get ready to burn some calories.

Shake the bottle as vigorously as you can for 5 – 10 mins. This will ensure all ingredients are mixed and ready for steeping. Each recipe has its own steep duration. This will be on the label of the bottle. Leave until this date and you are ready to vape.

Enjoy the significant cost saving and pay your respects to the recipe author!

You can review the recipes direct on the recipe pages and on the shops flavour shot product page.

Buy Flavour Shots:

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