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Our story:

Smoking to Vaping

We’ve made the journey from 20-30 cigarettes per day to vaping back in 2012 and haven’t looked back! Thank god for vaping!

Since becoming vapers, we’ve gone from disposable cartridges to re-filling tanks and everything in-between.

High power MOD’s

We then became passionate about cloud chasing, ramping up the power with single, double and triple 18650’s MOD’s with RTA’s. We quickly realised a limitation!! We went from vaping 5ml of premium e-juice per day upto 20ml – 50ml a day. Vaping premium e-liquid left us short changed.. regularly costing us more than cigarettes!

Premium E-Liquid

We loved discovering new, exciting and creative e-liquid flavours from vendors, watching reviewers, attending vape expo’s and visiting vape shops to buy. It’s a great experience and some great flavours out there, but with our tackle, bottles dry up quickly!

Premium vs Mixology

Naturally we came across the art of DIY mixology. Got clued up with base mix ingredients, flavour recipes and mixing kits. Wow, suddenly the blinkers of ignorance were unveiled to the potential of saving a fortune on vaping. We’ve gone from being served food from a chef to learning how to make it ourselves!

Mixing it up!

Our passion for making e-liquid and discovering others people’s recipes began. Our first recipe was a simple rhubarb and custard and the results were great! We’ve made 100’s if not 1000’s of recipes since and everyday live and breath e-juice mixology.

Recipes are infinite

We quickly realised, with the vast number of flavour concentrates available, we hadn’t even scratched the surface! There could literally be millions of flavour combinations and recipes. DIY mixology can be analogised as a painters colour palette, the only limitation for original paintings is the artist’s talent. Another analogy could be sounds octave and tone for a composer. These arts are still producing original expressions and so too will DIY e-liquid mixology!

Community effort

Were not the only ones enthused by DIY e-liquid. It’s a very passionate arena for like minded individuals that have a common interest and rapport for the art. We set out to create a simple yet powerful platform that brings DIY mixologist together from veterans to novices, for sharing recipes, ideas and to collaborate.

Mixologists unite

Our DIY vape social network is built by passionate mixologist for a global mixologist community. Set-up your VapourBus profile, express your vape personality and showcase your e-liquid creations. Joining VapourBus gives you access to discover some truly great recipes, save your favourites, share yours, buy flavour shots, base mixes and enter recipe competitions.   

Your recipe sold in vape shops

With our marketing expertise, we can help you bring your recipes to market via our flavour shot competition. Winner bags a £1,000 prize and earns 5% royalties on sales. We complete all EU TDP regulations and sell your masterpiece via wholesale to vape shops and direct via our online store. Winner bags community recognition with the first Hall of Famer badge award. There are 5 runner up prizes to be had!

Join the VapourBus family!


Onwards and upwards


The VapourBus Team

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